My name is Matahari Asysyakuur. Currently I’m working at Publicis Indonesia as copywriter.
I love creating fun stuff. Just like what are you seeing right now.
Even though I’m working in advertising agency, my work isn’t only limited in advertising.
Sometimes I create moving image in gif, video, and create some fun projects with tumblr (as you can see at the end of this excel worksheet).

I'm happy when i'm creating.
Let's create fun stuff together \(^_^)/
Matahari Asysyakuur

Yellow Pages

Encourage Indonesian youngster to start their own business.
*Finalist Yellow Pages "Semangat Berbisnis" Competition
Brand:Ceker Ranjau

Promote Ceker Ranjau, an restaurant which gives the best spicy food 
*Won Gold at Pinastika 2012 (Baskara)

Nescafe White Coffee

Promote the lightness of Nescafe White Coffee

Nescafe can

Inspire people to follow their passion to live life to the fullest. 

Kecap ABC

Communicate that Kecap ABC is the right choice to cook fried rice.


Promote Gatsby Facewash as a face cleaner for oily face.
*Won "Standard CM Category Award at 7th Gatsby CM Award"



Finalist Young Spikes Indonesia 2014

Nescafe White Coffe Challenge 
Taste the lightness and break ther record! We challenge people to break the world record based on the video we made.

Concept Idea for Nescafe

Polygon -  Kayuh Nusantara


*I don't know what kind of category it is. Nevertheless i think these should be added into this portfolio.
I Love to make absurd things in internet. I use my blog to post anything that i want to write. Sometimes one of my post is spread around the internet and one of them became viral. I don't know why it spread, maybe people read my post then they share its link to their social media account. Here is some of my absurd works in internet:

1. Khong Guan Parody

I made this artwork in 2011 and post in in my blog. Then so called "selebtwit" shared this picture and immediately the picture became viral around the net. In 2013, artist named Popo make other version of this parody and followed by others to make same thing too. Yes, i'm the pioneer of this parody :p.

2. Fast Growing Moustache Tutorial
In 2010 i wrote fake tutorial about how to grow moustache. This post became the most visited post in my blog of all time. 

Unexpectedly, some people believe that tooth paste could be used to grow moustache. 

translation: I've tried your tips, it works

translation: "Thank's for the tips, it works."

translation: "How long it takes to grow the moustache"


When i have nothing to do, i love to make something. So i make these project to spend my spare time. Just for fun and try to keep my creativity honed. Here is some of my spare time project. Please note, don’t expect any serious content here ;)







Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

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